The Sound Coalition serves to connect the best local music instructors with students of all ages. Our instructors are passionate about what they do, and aim to inspire students to succeed in living out their dreams. The Sound Coalition searches for the most qualified instructors, based on three fundamental views about their lessons. We call them the three “I’s.”

1. Lessons should be inspiring and encourage students to form a passion for music.

2. Lessons should be individualized, helping students achieve their personal goals with music.

3. Lessons should be interesting, and geared towards specific age groups, from child – adult.

We acknowledge the fact that many music educators, while doing their best, often make learning an instrument feel like school, where students are only learning out of a book, and never experience the ability to bring out their creative side, or gain a passion for what they are learning. The Sound Coalition believes every student should have access to a great instructor, and that is our goal: to match every student with the best instructor in their area based on our criteria.
The Sound Coalition markets our endorsed instructors in a way that students and parents will find them first when searching for instructors on social media, online, at concerts, and in schools. We want to make sure that students are offered the best lessons they can get at an affordable price.